Lent is thus a time in which the Gospel should challenge us, disturb us and unsettle our present judgments. It is also the time for preparation for the Triduum so that we can go to the cross like Christ and put to death all in us not worthy of a child of God in order to renew our own baptismal vows at the Paschal Vigil. We should endeavour therefore to make progress on our pilgrimage journey to the Promised Land. As Leo the Great expressed it:
None of us, dear friends, is so perfect and holy, as to make reflection and improvement unnecessary. All of us, regardless of rank or dignity, should be concerned to embark on the race that is set before us with fresh determination this Lent, making an effort over and above the norm.
-Marianne Dorman-

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
-Margaret Atwood-