Jesus calls us to a strategy of downward mobility in a society that promotes unbridled upward mobility.

Upward mobility is, at best, ambiguous, especially since the drive for success is a drive to leave others behind, to escape not only poverty, but the poor. Upward mobility has turned cancerous, resulting in a state that cannot provide for the common good.

I invite you to discover your vocation in downward mobility. It’s a scary request. The world is obsessed with wealth and security and upward mobility and prestige. But let us teach solidarity, walking with the victims, serving and loving. In this enterprise there is a great deal of hope.

Have the courage to lose control.
Have the courage to listen.
Have the courage to receive.
Have the courage to let your heart be broken.
Have the courage to feel.
Have the courage to fall in love.
Have the courage to get ruined for life.
-Dean Brackley, SJ-